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Happy Birthday to the United States Navy! 246 years’ strong!

Happy Birthday, United States Navy!
Today, our country celebrates the 246th birthday of the United States (U.S.) Navy, our maritime service branch of the U.S. Armed Forces.
Since 1775, sailors have protected the freedom of the seas with bravery and dedication. The U.S. Navy is the largest in the world. And here’s a fun fact – our Navy is so coveted that five U.S. towns claim to be its birthplace.
As we commemorate the Navy’s rich past and thank the Navy Veterans who have paved the way for our bright future, we also recognize the caregivers who support our Navy Veterans. As caregivers, you serve our country by helping those who need you most. As a Navy Veteran myself, I can’t thank you enough. You too embody the Navy’s motto, Not for Self, but for Country.
On behalf of the Caregiver Support Program, happy birthday to the U.S. Navy!
Colleen M. Richardson, Psy.D
Executive Director
Caregiver Support Program

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