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New site offers Veterans, family members VA benefits, services information

from VA.gov

VA’s new website landing page makes it easier for Veterans and family members to access VA benefits and services information. The website, www.va.gov/getstarted, provides two newly updated booklets on information about VA benefits and services, as well as how to apply for them.
The first booklet is the 2020 Federal Benefits Handbook for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors. The handbook contains a comprehensive listing of VA benefits and services with direct links to contact. To download a .pdf copy of the booklet, click here. 
The second resource booklet, the VA Welcome Kit, complements the handbook with easy-to-understand words and graphics to better navigate VA’s many benefits.
This booklet is structured on the idea that no two Veterans are the same, and not all experience major life events and moments in the same order.
Based on where a Veteran is in his or her life, VA serves Veterans in different ways. This resource includes a journey map to help explore how VA supports Veterans both now and in the future. To download a .pdf copy of the VA Welcome Kit, click here.
To read more, about the new resource, click here.

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