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Together We Served: National Veterans Roll of Honor

from US Dept. of Veterans Affairs
by Beth Lamb

To coincide with Veterans Day, Together We Served has just launched its new National Veterans Roll of Honor, a tribute to the service of more than 2 million servicemen and women registered on Together We Served in one of the most complete and easy to look up formats available.
Also honored are every soldier, sailor, Marine, airman and Coast Guardsman who gave their life serving our country, from the Vietnam War to Afghanistan, as well as many thousands who died during WW2 and the Korean War.
Here is a preview, which does not require a login:
This Roll of Honor pays tribute to every Veteran who served, including those who have passed, with a summary profile of their military service, similar to the following entry for Sgt. Matthew Barrios, which includes a free, downloadable and framable plaque of his military service. Veterans are welcome to take part, which has no cost whatsoever.
As a point of interest, the official National Museum of the Surface Navy is installing this Together We Served Roll of Honor on several kiosks located throughout the battleship USS Iowa to honor all Surface Navy sailors and Veterans.

Prolific Veteran Locator

With over 2 million Veterans represented on this Roll of Honor, Veterans can easily search for and find people they served with by entering their years of service at the top of the Roll of Honor and conducting a simple name search. Contact can be made through our Administrators or by joining Together We Served via the free VA Join Channel at:
For more information on how Together We Served can help you find old service friends, visit our blog:

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