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Veterans can now use My HealtheVet credentials to access benefits tools on Vets.gov

reprinted from the USDOVA Blog

More than four million Veterans can now use their My HealtheVet credentials to access services from across VA on Vets.gov. This means that Veterans can now log in one time, in one place, to refill a prescription, check their claim and apply for benefits that help them pay for college and training programs.

This is the first time that Veterans with a My HealtheVet patient portal account can use those credentials to access benefits tools such as checking the status of a claim ,an appeal or GI Bill benefit, in addition to a variety of health care tools.

Allowing Veterans to use their VA-approved credential of choice to access all of VA’s online services is a key milestone in VA’s digital modernization strategy. Previously, Veterans were only able to use their DS Logon accounts or ID.me accounts to log in to Vets.gov. This created an unnecessary roadblock for Veterans trying to use their preferred credential to access other VA services online and this new functionality will remove that roadblock.

How it works
Users can visit Vets.gov and sign in with their their My HealtheVet credential. Veterans will be asked to enter their email address and then they will be given the option to secure their account using multi-factor authentication (e.i. phone, text, code generator). From there, users can access all of the services Vets.gov provides. Learn more about how it works.

Premium My HealtheVet account holders will not need to re-verify their identity and will immediately gain access to send a secure message to their health care team, download their health records, track their claims and appeals and much more. My HealtheVet users who have not gone through an identity-proofing process will be offered the chance to complete an online identity-proofing process powered by ID.me if they wish to access features that require that extra personal security such as the staus of claims and appeals.

About the author: Natalie Moore is a product manager with the Digital Service at VA, an agency team of the U.S. Digital Service, that transforms critical, Veteran-facing digital services by applying modern technology best practices.

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