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Make a difference on the SOVO Board of Directors

Are you a veteran (or a veteran advocate) with an interest in serving your
community? Do you have between one and three hours a month to address current veteran issues? Then you might be a good fit for the SOVO Board of Directors!

We have four (4) vacant seats on the Board, and we’re recruiting interested
persons to apply. The Board holds one regular meeting each month that lasts no more than one hour, and committee meetings as necessary and appropriate. Board members are invited to participate in SOVO-sponsored activities throughout the year, such as the
annual VETERANS STAND DOWN and the annual Veteran’s Day Luncheon, but you can choose your level of participation.

Prior Board experience is NOT necessary! We seek input from veterans and
veteran advocates to help guide SOVO to continued improvement and success in
completing our mission to fulfill President Abraham Lincoln’s promise “To care for he who
has borne the battle, and his widow, and his orphan” by helping veterans, their families
and survivors to improve their quality of life.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SERVING ON THE SOVO BOARD OF DIRECTORS, simply submit a brief letter of interest describing your interest and experience with veterans’ issues to:

Patrick Murphy, Executive Director
E-Mail: desk@sovoservesvets.org


Coos Bay 2023 Veterans Stand Down Coming August 18 from 9am-3pm

To Register as a volunteer or as a provider, please use the following link: <https://forms.gle/rdy66dpvc7asw8yp9>


Roseburg VA Health Care System Offers New Transportation Program

ODVA Press Release

Roseburg, OR – Veterans can now participate in VA Uber Health Connect — an initiative that provides supplemental transportation to eligible Veterans needing access to and from medical care appointments.

Based on survey feedback from 2,300 Veterans between March 2022 and January 2023, 83% of Veterans stated they would not have been able to access their medical care without the program.

“The VA Uber Health Connect Initiative bridges the transportation gap by ensuring Veterans have reliable transportation for their health care needs,” said National Lead of VA Uber Health Connect Indra Sandal, Ph.D. “By offering ridesharing as an additional means of transportation, VA is helping Veterans access the best and soonest possible care — while still achieving cost savings.”

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Annual Tribal Veteran Advocate Conference Set for August 8-9 in North Bend

The Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Tribal Government Relations invite all Tribal Veteran Advocates to the Annual Tribal Veteran Advocate Conference being held August 8-9 in North Bend, Oregon.

Hosted this year by the Coquille Indian Tribe, the conference provides training and valuable resource information for those who work with Tribal Veterans and their families to assist in accessing earned federal and state veterans’ benefits and services.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. To pre-register, click here or follow this link <https://tinyurl.com/tc4adbw9> You can also pre-register by contacting ODVA Tribal Veteran Coordinator, Jon Taylor, at Tribal.Veterans@odva.oregon.gov. Those interested in attending the conference and wishing to stay overnight can locate area hotels in North Bend by clicking here or <https://tinyurl.com/bdr6y2je>.

The PACT Act and VA Benefits – File Intent Now for 12 Months Backdated

Claims received by August 10 will be eligible for 12 months of backdated compensation

Thanks to the PACT Act, <https://tinyurl.com/jcbmx6bf> millions of Veterans who were exposed to burn pits, Agent Orange, and other toxic substances are now eligible for VA health care and benefits.

While there is no deadline to apply for PACT Act-related benefits, there is urgency. Most Veterans and survivors who apply <https://tinyurl.com/mry2skt>for benefits or submit an “Intent to File” <https://tinyurl.com/yc6m8fj6> by August 9, if granted, will have their benefits backdated to August 10th of last year – the day that President Biden signed the PACT Act into law.

If a Veteran files a PACT Act-related claim or ITF after August 10, 2023, they are still entitled to the 12-month retroactive payment. So, for example, if a Veteran files a PACT Act-related claim on 9/10/23, and it is granted, the award would be retroactive to 9/10/22. [This assumes there is evidence of the condition on 9/10/22]. [The citation for this is 38 CFR 3.114(a)(3)].

VA.gov/PACT  <https://tinyurl.com/4p6s33tv>is a one-stop shop to learn about and apply for PACT Act-related care and benefits. They can also apply by calling 1-800-MYVA411.

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Resources About Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The growing number of aging veterans, many of whom have multiple chronic conditions, make it necessary for the VA to increase the available information on geriatrics.

Care for Veterans with Alzheimer’s or dementia is provided throughout a full range of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care services.

Based on the Veterans’ needs, services may include Home Based Primary Care <https://tinyurl.com/y3na5nhu>, Homemaker and Home Health Aide <https://tinyurl.com/y3byb95m>, Respite Care <https://tinyurl.com/bdf6hz3a>, Adult Day Health Care <https://tinyurl.com/bdh6xsjp>, outpatient clinic, inpatient hospital, Nursing Home <https://tinyurl.com/2bynhm5x>, Palliative Care <https://tinyurl.com/j4ffnakx>, or Hospice Care <https://tinyurl.com/5fpjdam8>.

Caregiver Support <https://tinyurl.com/2s4df5uy> is also an essential part of these services. If you’ve been diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or are caring for someone who has, become familiar with the types <https://tinyurl.com/bzs3sje8>, stages, symptoms, and treatments.

Over 50 video and print resources have recently been added to the sections on:

Dementia Care including Alzheimer’s <https://tinyurl.com/mv4fpfr7>
Veteran Caregiver Family Resources <https://tinyurl.com/mwnhncmc>
Topics include daily plans, communication, behavior changes, next steps, and more. The Veterans Health Library has helpful resources about Coping with a Dementia Diagnosis <https://tinyurl.com/54xhvedv>.

Need more help or information? Find a VA social worker in your area <https://tinyurl.com/4tj9fcrp> or visit www.va.gov/Geriatrics.

Check out these resources for Veteran-Owned Businesses

Have you started a business? Thinking about starting one? There are national and state resources to help you begin, maintain, and grow your business. The following is a list to get you started.

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June 2 Legislative Bill Digest Released

You can download or read the latest Veteran Bill Digest (June 2) from the ODVA’s legislative webpage <https://tinyurl.com/yc46d5dv>. The 7-page digest contains roughly 40 bills relating to Veterans.

The 2023 Oregon Legislative Session began January 17, 2023.  Each Friday during Session, ODVA emails the Veteran Bill Digest to subscribers which contains information and links to new and existing bills impacting the veteran community.

Sign up for updates from ODVA on Veteran Legislation at <https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/ORDVA/subscriber/new?topic_id=ORDVA_30>

Track bills, receive committee agendas, submit or read hearing testimony and more at <Oregon State Legislature (oregonlegislature.gov)>