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Introducing new Director on SOVO Board

Krystal Hopper is the newest member of the SOVO Board of Directors. Krystal is the proud daughter of a military family and a strong advocate for Veterans. She serves as co-lead of the annual North Bend Veterans Stand Down and the South Coast Veterans Assistance Network (SCVAN). She serves on the Board for the Oregon Coast Military Museum and is a member of the Oregon South Coast Patriot Guard Riders. She facilitated the founding of the Women Veterans of the Oregon Coast and was instrumental in the founding of SWOCC Student Veteran Organization, where she was a vocal advocate for the current Veterans Center on campus. Krystal has served as the Director of Communications for Operation Rebuild Hope, currently serves as an Alumni Board Member, and has volunteered many hours towards their Veteran Housing projects, which include the Timberwolves Den and Bryan’s Home.

Professionally, she is a collaborator with the Physics and Engineering Departments at Southwestern Oregon Community College where she helps to facilitate student projects, develops community exhibits and programs, and coordinates outreach and media relations. She continues her education through an online degree program.
Krystal is a single mother, a homeschool parent, and a tireless community volunteer. She has spent years as a community volunteer, serving on several committees and non-profit boards both in Oregon and in previous locations. She is an advocate for the prevention of child abuse, and the proper mental health care of Veterans. She is committed to educating, informing, and serving the community at large in a variety of roles.
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