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Sign up for your Covid-19 Vaccination at Safeway – Link inside

Link to register is listed at bottom of this article.
You will be asked to confirm that you are eligible for Vaccine according to the government priorities.
COVID-19 vaccine is currently being prioritized for the following people:
* Healthcare personnel
* EMS and First Responders
* Teachers K-12 and Childcare Workers
* Public Safety Workers
* Law Enforcement
* Corrections Officers/Staff
* Adults age 70 and older

Please refer to state guidance regarding vaccine prioritization found here:
You will also be asked to click a box to “attest that I belong to a subgroup of the population that is currently being prioritized by the local and state department of public health for COVID-19 vaccination.”
Please wear a mask and bring proof of eligibility to the appointment. Please bring copy of insurance for medical and pharmacy benefits.
Click this link to register for the vaccine.

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