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Annie text message program guides Veterans during COVID-19 pandemic

US Dept. of Veterans Affairs

For Veterans who would like guidance for staying safe or managing stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, Annie can help. Annie is VA’s automated text messaging program that sends health information and self-care reminders. Any cell phone with texting capabilities can receive Annie messages.
There are two types of Annie COVID-19 messages:
      Coronavirus Precaution messages can help you understand and monitor symptoms. These Annie messages provide information about COVID-19, send tips on actions you can take to protect yourself and help you monitor for viral symptoms. They also help you assess what to do if you are experiencing symptoms, including whether to contact your care team or a nurse triage line.
     Coping During COVID-19 messages help ease feelings of anxiety or isolation. A few times a week, Annie sends a text asking if you would like a coping tip. If you reply ‘yes,’ Annie sends one of more than 60 activities that you can do to help decrease feelings of anxiety, anger, depression, and isolation. Coping During COVID-19 is a self-care tool designed to help you feel more connected and less stressed.
For more information,  how to subscribe, and two helpful videos, click here.

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